Our wine cellar and our wines of the Monferrato.

The agriturismo Albachiara is in the famous zone of the high Monferrato, on the South side of Alessandria, the best wine country in Italy. This zone is bond by Liguria and the province of Asti. Towards the North, the lowland which surrounds Alexandria is covered in forest. The high Monferrato is a hilly soil. The reliefs that form the Monferrato are softly rounded. It is bordered by the Po toward north, from the Langhes toward south and from the valley of the Bormida toward east and southeast. It is divided into Low Monferrato and High Monferrato. The most important provinces are Asti and Alessandria. The principal centers are: Asti, Acqui Terme. This zone produces the best wines because the vines are tended very carefully. In fact, the predominant crop in the Monferrato is the grapevine (with its manifold varieties) and for this reason the most important industry here is the production of wine. Just take a look at the most important wines in our wine cellar. The more famous local wines are the Barbera, Grignolino, Freisa, Muscat, Foamy. Our wine cellar preserves the quality of these wines, in an excellent environment. The hills of the Monferrato are famous above all for their vineyards that give life to the production of sparkling wines.


Our guests can visit the town of Canelli, "country" of the Asti Sparkling wine and the very famous Palazzo Gancia, built originally as castle. Towards the West you can find the Acquese area, characterized by many vineyards of Muscat and Brachetto. In the center lies the Ovadese area, characterized by high hills and castles, the vineyards of the Dolcetto and the Barbera. The high Monferrato is really famous all over the world for its prestigious wines, expecially Muscat, white and aromatic, the vine Barbera and the very aromatic Brachetto of Acqui (docg). There is also a huge production of great dry wines, among these the delicious and refined Dolcetto of Acqui. In addition, we produce the more structured Dolcetto of Ovada, a competitor for the best Italian red. Another quality wine is the white Gavi. Finally grappa: the Ovadese and particularly the Silvano varieties, both have preserved a rich tradition of distillation of the “vinacce”. Our guests can request a bottle of their preferred wine or can ask to have some suggestions from our “sommeliers” who always suggest the best and right wine for every meal! This is the Highl Monferrato, so generous with its wines. Let's give you an idea of some itineraries for our more gourmet guests!

The Itineraries Wine Tour

The itinerary starts from Aqui Terme, a thermal town of Roman origin. In this town there is a regional stock of vintage wines in the Palace Robellini. Aqui Terme is well known for these wines: the Muscatel of Asti and the Brachetto of Acqui. In the North we find the impressive Abazia of Sezzadio. another well-known wine center is Strevi.


We remember here the excellent cellar of Mantovana that produces wines as the Dolcetto, Barbera, Cortese, Chardonnay and very dry Pinot, obtained from the local vineyards. Guests can taste all these varieties of wines at the Agriturismo Albachiara, that offers all the best wines of the Piedmontese enology for the most refined connoisseurs.

The Cheese Tour

This tour focuses on the Community of the Acquese. This tour features the agreeable formaggetta named Robiola of Roccaverano.


This itinerary goes through the town of Terzo and our guests can reach Spigno and Merana and admire the splendid landscape of Montechiaro d’Aqui before return in Terzo.