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The rooms of the farm estate are spacious and comfortable, with a sought after standard of elegance. Every room is decorated by hand and every detail has been chosen carefully so that you can be surrounded by a warm and refined atmosphere. The rooms are luminous and elegant overlooking the valleys of green that encircle the estate. Communicate your preference to us and choose your ideal room; we will be pleased to satisfy you, depending on the availability. There are six rooms available to guests.

The Suite

This room has great attention to detail: the warm color of the wood, the decoration on the walls, the hand embroidered linens that wrap up the spacious room in a refined embrace. There is a private entry and a private bathroom. This room can also be prepared as a double. This room is perfect for a private stay savoring the quiet moments of the silent surrounding hills.

Music Room

This room is for someone who loves music and wishes to have a sober but elegant style in their room. The room has a standard bed with its bathroom.

Coral Room

This room has a young, romantic, and poetic feeling, with the clear colours giving an enchanting sensation of a fairy tale world. There is a small hand painted niche in the wall, giving a delicate feel and a little magical flavour. The room has a standard bed with an adjacent bathroom.

Internet Access Available Upon Request